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TGIF! Oh, how we cherish the end Fridays. Forbes reports that the typical businessperson is 20% less productive on Fridays than on a typical Monday. Well, here are 10 ways to buck that trend and reinvigorate, transform or just simply make your last day of the workweek that much better!

  1. Clear your inboxes – An overflowing email inbox is an open invitation to forgetting to respond to important messages. Take half an hour and decide which one of the ‘Four Ds’ you’ll apply to each message. Do it (if it takes 5 minutes or less), Delete it, Delegate it (forward to another team member), or Defer It to another day. Over the last decade, one of the most effective techniques I’ve used is Inbox Zero. You can check it out here.
  2. Consider starting your Fridays earlier so you ensure you leave the office on time. I’ve been using a split schedule over the last year and it’s boosted my productivity. Most days I start work at 5:45 am, finish by 8:30 am, work out, and start the second half of the workday by 9:30. Find what works for you.
  3. Review next week’s schedule. Time block your current and upcoming projects or tasks that take longer than 15 minutes. Schedule time for recurring activities such as outgoing sales calls, networking with other professionals, loan status calls with applicants and recurring meetings.
  4. Review your accomplishments. There’s nothing wrong with admiring your work. Look back at what you achieved. Doing this not only ends the week on a positive note but may spur ideas for other ventures.
  5. Prepare email drafts. If you have some pending emails that will require a detailed response, begin capturing your thoughts now before they fade from your memory. Outline the most important elements and save your draft email.
  6. Schedule lunch with another professional in your area. The goal is to see and be seen. Make your presence known and build rapport with others in your city who may be able to make referrals.
  7. Set boundaries. Ensure your team knows if or when you’ll respond to emails or calls over the weekend. For many they let the work sit until Monday and that’s fine. Just make sure everyone knows when to expect a response from you. An email autoresponder on Fridays may do the trick, but make sure you turn it off when you return Monday.
  8. Clean your desk. Returning Monday to an orderly workspace helps reduce the sense of chaos that Mondays often bring. Stack, file, wipe down, or dust. Just get ‘er done.
  9. Say goodbye. If you’re still working in a physical office with coworkers make it a practice to say goodbye or ‘have a nice weekend’. This brings a sense of closure to the week.
  10. Don’t work late. Respect yourself, your family, and others by respecting yourself by leaving at a set time most Fridays. Sure there will be exceptions but the rule should be to switch gears into the weekend on time.

*11 (Bonus): Watch our weekly video series Friday’s Food for Thought. This segment is typically lighthearted and focuses on motivation, productivity, inspiration, and practical business tips.

What would you add to your to-do list for Fridays? Share your ideas in the comment section below.

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