Do you have 20/20 vision?

5 hacks for a more productive new year

Believe it or not, tomorrow we enter a new decade! How can you best prepare to enter the new year with 20/20 vision? Here are some ideas to help you prepare and maximize your effectiveness.

Write down the lessons learned in 2019. Experience is our best teacher and both our professional and personal encounters are rich with opportunities to rethink how we react, plan, engage, or in some cases disengage.

1. Work backward. Most have defined their goals however a more important exercise is to examine the actions required to accomplish your objectives. Under each of your goals note the activities that must be completed. It could be repeated engagement with your local chapter of financial professionals, regularly-scheduled calls to potential borrowers, or presentations to your local real estate professionals.

2. Create a schedule for social media posts. Does your lender allow approved content on social media? If so, create a schedule to create content, submit for a compliance review, and publication. It’s best to create generic recurring events on your calendar such as “Facebook Post” or “Blog Post”. Each week you can create timely posts based on trending topics. Research which hashtags are trending on Twitter and Facebook and incorporate the topic in your post. This will significantly boost your audience.

3. Declutter your workspace. Get a large box and place in it every item you haven’t used in the last year. Next, look at the dust-collectors on your shelves? How many knick knacks could be put in storage, given away or simply trashed? If you’re afraid to remove these items from your office space, just leave the box in a corner for a month. If you don’t use it, move it.

4. Ask for feedback. Do you survey your borrowers after the loan has closed? How about one year later? Those who have done business with you can provide a wealth of insight on how you do business and what could be improved.

5. Measure your activity. What could you track? The number of outbound sales calls, appointments made, appointments kept, applications, cancellations, and closed loans are a good place to start. You’ll notice that periods of increased activity are followed by increased sales. Slow

Truth be told, no one has 20/20 vision for what the new year holds. What we do possess are the indispensable lessons learned in 2019 that if acted upon will increase our sense of satisfaction, well being, and personal income.


Angel Booth December 31, 2019 at 9:44 am

Happy New Year to you Shannon! We are always excited to view and put into action the content you share with us on your platform. 2019 was a great year for us and I hope for the same in 2020. Thank you for putting in the time and effort to keep us all on the up and up.

Shannon Hicks December 31, 2019 at 9:47 am

Thank you Angel. You and the PRC are a big plus to our industry. Cheers to 2020!


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