The 4 Traits of those living their BEST LIFE

There’s a common thread I’ve found in those I know who are living their best life. It’s not that they have an existence devoid of problems or stress. It’s not even because they’re rich and don’t have a financial care in the world. It’s because they live by unwavering principles. Actually, most if not all live by these four cardinal virtues: wisdom, temperance, justice, and courage.

Cardinal? What does that word even mean? Like a cardinal in the Catholic church came up with these. Actually, no. Cardinal comes from the latin word cardo which means hinge. It can be said, as Ryan Holiday put it so eloquently, that the door to the good life hinges on these virtues. Also the word cardinal is actually the root of the word for a Roman Catholic cardinal and for the the compass’s cardinal points of north-south-east, and west. Think of the four virtues  of wisdom, temperance, justice, and courage as our moral compass . In fact these four virtues can be found in just about every major world religion. Aristotle’s teachings on ethics in this Nicomachean Ethics hinged upon these cardinal virtues. 

So what about the word virtue itself? 

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