50 ‘at-risk’ housing markets

The 50 ugliest housing markets & LIBOR letters

Here are the cities that are most at risk of a significant downturn in home values. GoBankingRates evaluated 500 U.S. cities to find those that have high rates of foreclosures and underwater mortgages where the home is worth less than the outstanding mortgage balance owed. Also considered are changes in median home prices, the number of homes listed for sale, and price cuts. Yahoo Finance lists the 50 cities whose housing markets are ‘turning ugly’ and are poised for a big correction. Topping the list is

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James E. Veale, CPA, MBT May 17, 2021 at 12:19 pm

Not only are 15 in Florida but 9 are in Illinois which total 24 (or 48%) of the 50 communities at risk. 2 are in Texas and Oklahoma combined. Only 2 are west of Texas and those are all in Middle California (dividing the state into West, Middle and East). The rest are all east of the Mississippi River with 14 of those 22 communities in 6 Atlantic seaboard states. None of the communities are in Mountain Time.

So with Florida, 29 (or 58%) of the communities are in 7 states bordering the Atlantic Ocean. In the four states (VA, SC GA, FL) that border the Atlantic Ocean from Virginia to Florida with the exception of North Carolina, there are exactly 25 such communities.

It is interesting what factors the author used in making his conclusions.



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