The waiting game

11 activities for growth

This month we wait for HUD to announce any upcoming changes to the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage. Let’s be honest. Previous changes were a mixed back of shock and awe, acceptance, and in some cases a collective sigh of relief.

The problem is anticipation can easily transform into anxiety. A wise man once told me, action defers anxiety. So while we wait for HUD’s next step in stewarding the reverse mortgage program, here are some things each HECM professional can do to not only keep their mind occupied, but position them for success in the coming year.

Here’s a list to keep your mind off impending changes.


  1. Review all previous leads that were short to close. See if they may qualify with today’s low LIBOR interest rates.
  2. Find every potential borrower lead written down on a scrap of paper, Post-It-Note, or business card and input into your CRM. If you don’t have a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), check out our Sales Engine CRM made for reverse mortgage professionals.
  3. Isolate and find your top 50 professional contacts. Now divide them up to contact each on every 6 weeks. You can schedule this on your calendar or CRM.
  4. Check-in with your top 50 professionals by making at least eight phone calls a week. Keep it casual, informal and fun- the point is to make a positive contact.
  5. Schedule at least one meeting with a professional in your market each week. It could be a quick cup of coffee, lunch, or grabbing a beer. The point is to build a relationship or keep one strong.
  6. Contact your local newspaper and offer to write a column about reverse mortgages, aging in place, or the challenges facing retirees.
  7. Time-block recurring times each week for outbound sales calls. If it’s on your calendar it will happen.
  8. Consider scheduling follow up calls with every homeowner with a submitted application on Tuesdays and Fridays. Call them even if there are no new developments. Regular communication helps avoid unnecessary stress for your applicants and possible cancelations.
  9. Find one inspirational book to read. Schedule two nights a week to complete.
  10. Find one inspirational fellow reverse mortgage professional. Ask them if you could speak once each week. Give encouragement, perspective, and ideas to each other. Avoid the trap of complaining.
  11. Join your local chamber of commerce, a leads group or your local financial professionals’ group. Be a friend, helper, and fellow professional. Don’t ask for leads first. Show your value and build a relationship.

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Roger Howell August 27, 2019 at 5:36 am

Great post, Shannon.

Too many times we get bogged down in the uncertainty and do nothing.

We cant control what HUD or the market does, but we can be proactive in our own world.


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