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January’s Gifts

Many people make New Year’s resolutions; few of us tend to stick with them throughout the year. But by tuning in to specific days and events each month, you can boost both your HECM business and senior spirit with intriguing, educational information. For instance:

January is named for Janus, the Roman god of beginnings and transitions, so it’s an excellent month for older adults to consider a reverse mortgage — and for LOs to create new ways of reaching appropriate candidates.

According to the National Day Calendar, January is National Mentoring Month, inaugurated by The Harvard School of Public Health and The National Mentoring Partnership in 2002. This might be an auspicious time to speak about new models of aging in intergenerational communities (watch for our upcoming post, This Treehouse Isn’t Just for Kids!) that are springing up around the U.S. and across the globe.

Here are four January highlights that can serve as talking points and action opportunities with your HECM clients and prospects:

1. January 6: National Technology Day. The chronologically gifted are more digitally adept than ever before, as we’ve noted often. Here are some recent posts about how tech is reinvigorating and reimagining what our later years can look like:reverse mortgage news

You might start a conversation about how technology is helping your elder population — or find out where there’s a need for tech mentoring. Perhaps you can arrange for interested seniors to get tech training at their local senior center, high school, or community college. Bonus: it will connect elders with others, who may also benefit from the interaction.

2. January 19: National Get to Know Your Customers Day (third Thursday of each quarter). A perfect reason to throw a New Year’s open house for clients, past and present, as well as prospects and associates. Ask your current clients to invite anyone whom they think might want to learn about a HECM, but keep the open house itself low-key: a friendly social with healthy snacks and beverages. Have brochures and business cards available, and collect the names and contact information of those to whom you’re introduced. Next week’s outreach will have more warm leads!

3. January 23: National Pie Day. While the calendar is replete with food-related holidays, both official and unofficial, National Pie Day is especially enjoyable because many businesses offer free or discounted pies on January 23rd. If you didn’t hold an open house for Get to Know Your Customers Day, this is another delicious opportunity to connect. Encourage people to bring and share recipes as well as home-baked goodies.

4. January 31: Inspire Your Heart with Art Day. Creativity knows no age, and this day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the artistic elders in your sphere of influence. A few prior posts that address art and well being:

Besides sharing their own artistic creations, some ways to encourage elders to enjoy the arts include:

  • Visiting an art gallery
  • Attending a ballet or concert
  • Playing an instrument (or mentoring someone else)
  • Seeing an inspirational film
  • Beginning work on their own masterpiece.

With resolutions timed to specific days, themes and activities, it will be easier to build momentum and flow with the changes 2017 is sure to bring.

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