How To Annoy Others by Email

10 Sure Fire Ways to Annoy Others by Email & How to Avoid Them
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Are you driving them crazy?

Email. It’s our master medium or lingua franca for meeting invitations, questions, problems, requests for help and more. Your email interactions with colleagues, borrowers and outside reverse mortgage professionals may be sending the wrong message. Consider these 10 ways to annoy others with email and let’s collectively vow to avoid them like the plague.

1- Emails with no purpose. Don’t just send a message because you can. Like the boy who cried wolf if you send messages with no meaning or purpose others may ignore them. Please respect the recipients time. 2- A novel in one paragraph. If you’re message is short fine. But if you have a detailed and lengthly email break it into paragraphs or provide bullet points with a clear request of what you want the other party to do. My rule is to keep 90% of my emails short. If it requires more than two paragraphs I simply use the phone. 3- Failing to respond.

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v l sharp November 8, 2013 at 11:50 am

most annoying….excessive “thank you” emails

The_Critic November 10, 2013 at 9:30 am

I cannot think of more annoying email habits. Those 10 items apply to comments as well.

Those who type all of their comments only in CAPITAL LETTERS should be banned from commenting. The same holds for those who type in all small letters and write everything in a single paragraph (or fail to use proper spacing between paragraphs) when their comment is obviously several paragraphs in length.

Life is too short to try to figure out what others mean in what they write. Writing so that others can understand what is being written is crucial to bringing clarity into what we write. Avoiding the 10 annoyances Shannon shared goes a long way in achieving that goal.


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