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“My wife said she’s going to kill me if I join another group”, chuckled a new member of our club. He’s what you may call a “Joiner”. Someone who is prone to join and actively participate in several different organizations.

Are you a ‘joiner’? If not, you may want to reconsider.

Success comes from credibility born from your participation in the community. The more organizations you can contribute to the more you will be seen as a business leader and expert.

Two years ago I joined a private club comprised of dozens of professionals from a plethora of professions- attorneys, bankers, financial advisors, etc. The unspoken word is to find your match in the group. And we certainly do that knowing that the bond of trust and community holds each of us to a higher standard. The referrals surface during casual social interactions.

Why is joining so important? The truth is people do business with those they see often at social and organizational events. Your regular participation will set you apart from other reverse mortgage originators in your community who are not represented.

Don’t go ‘Amway’ on them

Those who only join an organization to pump others for ‘leads’ will quickly be weeded out or shunned. The trick is to understand it’s about building relationships. And from those relationships conversations will naturally come up where your expertise is needed. After your initial introductions when you mention your profession, get busy contributing. Even setting up or tearing down chairs at meetings sets you apart as a leader and one who will contribute.

You’re not joining a MLM company, you are there to build authentic connections that will organically lead to referrals.

Who to join?

Here are some ideas of the organizations and groups you may join:

  • The Chamber of Commerce
  • NAIFA (The National Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors)
  • Networking lead groups
  • Builder exchanges (for local developers)
  • Volunteer organizations
  • Non-profit boards
  • Downtown business associations
  • Business community groups
  • Senior service provider networks
  • Your local FPA chapter (The Financial Planners Association)
  • Any social group with several potential referring professionals from different disciplines

Meeting ideas:

Another idea is to partner with a local professional to create a mastermind group where the best minds in your area come together to discuss new concepts, challenges, and share their mutual expertise. If meeting in person is not practical or desirable a bi-weekly Zoom meeting may fit the bill.

Repeated contact, contribution, and engagement build the strong connections that you’ve long sought to establish. It may not be a recipe for immediate referrals but it certainly will build the rapport and authority needed for other professionals to trust you with their clientele.

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