4 Tips for Reverse Mortgage Pros to Prepare for the Fall

4 Tips for Reverse Mortgage Pros to Prepare for the Fall

Now that the dog days of summer have passed, it’s time for reverse mortgage originators to shift gears and begin the groundwork for a productive fall. By adopting a proactive approach and implementing the following strategic steps, you can make the most out of the autumn season. Just as Costco has already begun to prep for the holidays by putting out Christmas items, it’s time for us to make ready to maximize our efforts in the final quarter of 2023.


1. Review and Analyze Summer Performance

Before diving headfirst into the fall, reflecting on the past few months is crucial. Take a close look at your performance metrics and client interactions, and note any trends you observed. Remember, what gets measured gets better. Analyze what worked well and what areas might need improvement.

For example, if a direct mail campaign generated little interest. Was it the content of your mailer, or did you send the promotion when many homeowners were likely to be out of town traveling or on vacation? 

2. Connect with previous borrowers.

Fall is an excellent time to re-establish connections with past clients. Reach out to them to check in and ask if they have any questions or concerns. Have there been any significant changes in their lives? Personalized follow-ups can lead to valuable referrals and strengthen your professional reputation with homeowners and the professionals they interact with. We’ve simplified this process with our Sales Engine CRM automation tools.

3. Stay informed about your local real estate market.

Keeping abreast of current market trends is essential for any successful mortgage originator. Where are home values remaining near their peak and appear stable? What markets are seeing more or fewer price drops in median list prices? Consider marketing outside of your typical geographical area if nearby markets are incredibly challenging.

4. Set clear goals and targets.

One of the best ways to meet your goals is to measure them. For example, set a goal of 20 outgoing sales calls on specific days and track your progress. How many quarterly or monthly emails will you send to area financial planners and realtors? What’s the minimum number of loans you must fund each month to meet your financial goals? Once you know that, work backward to find the average number of phone calls, emails, or direct mail pieces it took to get a funded loan. Now, you can time-block these activities on your calendar.

The fall season not only brings cooler temperatures, but for many, it signals the silent call to get back to work, make plans for the coming year, or make a significant financial decision. Your preparation will increase your odds of success when interacting with homeowners and nearby professionals.

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