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Reverse Mortgage News Blog Entries

The Pension Problem is Now a Crisis

Shannon Hicks
American taxpayers are already footing the tab for somebody else’s retirement and that bill is expected to grow considerably. Welcome to the pension fund crisis.  While some lawmakers have expressed a willingness to bail out underfunded private pensions many oppose the continued subsidization of the Federal Housing Administration’s MMI (Mutual

The Ultimate Pick-a-Pay Loan?

Shannon Hicks
The following is not for consumers, homeowners, or borrowers. It is intended for reverse mortgage professionals and is not intended to provide legal or financial advice. Remember the infamous pick-a-pay loan? Perhaps we should have been calling them ‘pick-a-foreclosure’ loans. Back in the unbridled craziness that was the pre-2008 housing

Seven Ways to Work Happier

Amara Rose
The following is from an earlier publication authored by Amara Rose. We spend a lot of time focusing on ways to enhance the reverse mortgage experience for mature adults. Just as crucial, however, is the care of the reverse mortgage professional. The more relaxed, healthy, and well-rested you are, the

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