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Part 2: Exclusive Interview: The Role of Traditional Lenders in HECM Lending

Shannon Hicks
 Part 2: Exclusive Interview with Dan Harder of 1st Reverse Mortgage USA In the conclusion of our interview with Dan, we discuss the following: Is there a lack of demand for reverse mortgages? Why he believes traditional lenders will account for the majority of HECM volume The approach used

HECM Changes: Two risks remain

Shannon Hicks
 The HECM’s philosophy shapes risk management measures & future reforms Few are asking an underlying question that will shape every effort to curb future losses or HECM claims against the Federal Housing Administration’s Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund. That question is if the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage is a true

Exclusive Interview: Traditional Lenders Role in HECM Lending

Shannon Hicks
 Exclusive Interview with Dan Harder of 1st Reverse Mortgage USA Two weeks ago on this show, we explored the premise that traditional mortgage lenders may provide substantial and much-needed growth for the reverse mortgage industry. An idea that flies in the face of what was once accepted as conventional

HECM Industry Growth May Come from Forward Lenders

Shannon Hicks
Indicators show we’ve reached the bottom but a more significant question has been largely ignored. Is the key to reverse mortgage industry’s long-term growth and recovery lie with traditional mortgage lenders? It’s a sincere question that begs examination considering there are tens of thousands of FHA-approved originators...
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