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Reverse Mortgage Industry – Are we too big to disappear (fail)?

Shannon Hicks
[vimeo id=”32327877″ width=”601″ height=”338″] The Future Of The Reverse Mortgage Industry Will our industry disappear due to economic pressure and regulation? Our commentary examines while we are small segment of mortgage lending are we irreplaceable nonetheless? It’s a look at an industry coming of age. Watch this week’s video and

Stop it! Friday’s Food for Thought – Business Productivity

Shannon Hicks
[ad#Kirchmeyer] [vimeo id=”32326974″ width=”601″ height=”338″] Reverse Mortgage Business Productivity Training Stop it! Really? What? The things that distract us from our highest & best use. Sometimes the best solution is the simplest. Watch Bob Newhart’s comedy sketch “Stop it!” here.

“I feel really good about our business” – Michael Kent Interview

Shannon Hicks
[vimeo id=”31931127″ width=”601″ height=”338″] Michael Kent of RMS discusses technology, markets and our industry’s outlook. Mike Kent, senior VP of lending at RMS, sat down with me in Boston at the annual NRMLA meeting and discussed our technology, investor markets and industry outlook.

A dog with fleas? – When some loans may become a resource drain

Shannon Hicks
[ad#Kirchmeyer] [vimeo id=”31617803″ width=”601″ height=”338″] Are you functioning at your best when it comes to the type of loans you attract? Time & effort versus profitability What loans are you attracting (examine) Do you need to market to higher valued homes? What can you do to close your loans more uses cookies to improve user-experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Cookies View Policy

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