What People Love to Talk About


The Social Hack for Conversations

Do you want to make a memorable impression, win over a new friend, be someone that people seek out? Learn this one social hack and you will!

Last evening I attended a friends going away party. Arriving at a local eatery I walked into a room of over two dozen well-wishers, two whom I knew. After buying my buddy’s drink and sitting down to enjoy my own I sat downreverse mortgage news surrounded by a table of complete strangers. We shared two things in common, a mutual friend and our shared interest in cycling advocacy. How does one expand their social influence? How can you make a lasting impression when meeting someone?

My seat mate looked familiar from previous political meetings where we had argued for protection of bike trails and transportation planning. After introducing myself I asked the typical questions of ‘what do you do‘ and how did you meet our mutual friend?‘ Our conversation lasted 45 minutes and a new friend was made.

Rule #1: People love to talk about themselves

You know everything about yourself already, right? Of course. Ask them about their interests, what they are passionate about, or their favorite free time activities. Listen closely for details.

Rule #2: Ask follow up questions

In this situation my new acquaintance is a teacher at…

Download the video transcript here.

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