I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind

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I pledge allegiance to the grind, and to the exhaustion for which it stands. One professional, over worked, with burnout and frustration for all.”

A recent blog post entitled “I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind” got me thinking. How many are dissatisfied, not because of what they are doing, but because how they are doing it?

You’ve probably heard about the doctor who is burned out after a decade in practice, who just wants to ‘do their own thing’. Can you blame them? Burnout is a result of ‘the grind’ without stopping to ask why your routine is so . Here are some ways we can step back, reevaluate and regain some semblance of perspective.

1. Start at the beginning. What got you into reverse mortgage lending? Being a business owner, spouse or partner? Think back and remember the ‘why’ when you first began. .

2. Take a break.  Interrupt your routines and sketch out new ways of getting things done during the day. Perhaps its trying to work in spurts of 45 minutes followed by a 10 minute break. Or you could try to shift your hours.

3. Look at your down-time. How do you spend your time after work? Ask yourself if these activities are fulfilling or just empty time filled.

4. Give your time. Find where you can volunteer. Giving of yourself will not only give you some perspective, but it will also remind you just how valuable your time truly is.

5. Get a hobby. Rather than just watching tv each evening, find a new hobby that you can focus on. Passive activities do little to alleviate stress while positive engagement helps take the mind off your daily grind.

6. Forget inspiration. If we wait for inspiration we may never take action. As one Navy Seal said, “don’t count on motivation, count on discipline.”

7. Make goals. Don’t get bogged down in the smaller tasks. Write down your goals for the month, quarter, year and even a five-year plan if you’re feeling ambitious.

8. Believe again. Refill your belief in the benefits of hard work by revisiting your hard-fought accomplishments. Relish in the fact that your hard work was more than just a daily grind, but a stepping stone to your success.

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