Prepping for Inflation and an Uncertain Economy with a Reverse Mortgage

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Why reverse mortgages are more important than ever during economic uncertainty

Much damage has been to the U.S. economy in the last two years. The Covid-19 pandemic coupled with shutdowns, and central banks’ efforts to stimulate the economy have left the financial markets and world economies on the precipice of a deep recession or worse.

Just as economists in 2007 didn’t see the signs of the 2008 financial crisis, today most economists predict a “return to normal”. However, one man sees things differently. Ray Dalio, a billionaire investor who founded one of the largest hedge funds predicted both the 2008 housing and financial crisis and the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.

On CNBC’s Make it Dalio warned that a new economic collapse is at hand. Such a prediction is not as far-fetched as one may imagine with Russia amassing troops for a possible invasion of Ukraine and China’s repeated threats to invade Taiwan. War is an expensive business. With inflation already at a 40-year high, Americans are now beginning to feel the brunt of price hikes and supply shortages. And should the Federal Reserve accelerate interest rate hikes, the financial markets are likely to fall leaving retirees in a precarious position.

Amidst this doom and gloom, there stands a glimmer of hope for older homeowners and retirees.

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