2 Ways to Deal with Change

Change and perception

“The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it”, said Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. But change isn’t easy. Especially if you’re a reverse mortgage professional, or anyone who offers any mortgage for that matter. 

In the end, there are two things in this world- those which we can control and those which we have no influence over yet both impact our daily lives. The trick is focusing on the first – those things which we can exert some level of effort to change or improve.

Clarity is knowing which is which. When we lose this we can find ourselves angry, frustrated, or depressed, and hopeless. 

You send an email or leave a voice message and you’re doing what? Waiting for people to get back to you. You order an appraisal hoping for a value that makes the reverse mortgage loan possible without having to bring in cash at closing. Both of these we have little if no control over yet the ball is in our court.

Instead of shaking our fist at the sky or ranting about those things which we don’t control, we can instead use our time wisely. If someone’s not responding you could use the time to strategize how to get them to engage and reply to you. While you’re waiting for your client’s appraisal you can push hard on prospecting and calling leads in your CRM or scheduling a meet-up with a local financial advisor you’ve been wanting to connect with.

Sitting and watching the clock won’t change the fact that many things just won’t transpire until they do. I know- it sounds like a Yogi Berra quote but it’s true. And since I’ve mentioned Yogi here’s one Yogism to consider- “Ninety percent of the game is half mental.”

Our mind is the field where we decide how to deal with sudden or incessant changes. There we can accept what is and use our perceptions and thoughts to build the life we want amid change and chaos.

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