Death record delays leave Georgia families in limbo

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Delays in death records leave Georgia families in financial limbo

[The Atlanta Journal Constitution]

Sandra Autry’s stable life as the wife of a retired police officer abruptly ended in April when he died in hospice care. 

More than a month after his passing, she couldn’t access his pension benefits. She couldn’t pull funds out of their joint accounts, fearing the bank would freeze the assets. She thought about applying for a reverse mortgage, but she couldn’t do that, either..

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reverse mortgage podcast

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The Positive Realist June 1, 2021 at 1:34 pm

Viewing real estate on a national level and applying the results equally to all US communities is a common fallacy of HUD specifically and almost everyone practically. Real estate is local, local, and, oh yeah, LOCAL. For many in the US, making a monthly mortgage payment while difficult is not nearly as hard as getting enough money together to make a required down payment ; thus to compare monthly rent payments to monthly mortgage payments is sometimes ludicrous. If a borrower cannot make the required down payment, why make a comparison of the monthly mortgage payment?


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