Getting the most from your virtual team

8 tips to get the most from your virtual team

The Covid-19 pandemic changed how many work, or where they work. As remote work has become the norm for many, knowing how to effectively manage your virtual teams is key. Today we will look at a few strategies from Ray Blakney in

  1. Create a virtual water cooler. Impromptu communication is important since your teammates cannot simply walk into your office. Slack is one tool that allows you and your team to communicate quickly with short chats. As a bonus, you’re saving yourself unneeded email messages that add to your inbox volume
  2. Establish times for open communication. Your colleagues need time to concentrate on vital projects and other tasks that require deep concentration. To avoid constant interruptions and frustration instead establish a time slot in the morning and another in the afternoon where ad-hoc communication takes place.
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  3. Encourage time-blocking. Being able to structure your workday gives you a certain sense of control and helps instill disciplined habits. 
  4. Structure your virtual meetings. Always have a clear agenda for scheduled meetings. This helps ensure focus on priorities and shows respect for other’s time.
  5. Schedule recurring meetings. Try adding two types of recurring meetings for your team. First, are roundtable meetings where the range of topics is determined by the participants. The second are structured meetings with a reestablished agenda.
  6. Be mindful of time zones. If you working on the east coast scheduling a 9:00 am meeting for west coast employees may pose a hardship. Be mindful of where your employees are working
  7. Measure and recalibrate. Make adjustments to your virtual team structure as needed. Learn from what doesn’t work and don’t be afraid to try new methods of communication
  8. Hire self-motivated individuals. Remote work isn’t for everyone. Your virtual team members will need to be self-starters who can manage their time while juggling multiple tasks. 


Michael William Johnson August 12, 2022 at 5:27 am

Hello Shannon. I’m back in REVERSE full time now with Longbridge Financial working remotely. Tried retirement in FL and wasn’t for me. I still live 6 months in Ft Myers and the other half the year in Long Island NY, so I focus on REFERRAL selling in both NY and FL with a few other state licenses (10) thrown in there. I do keep very busy. Love helping out my fellow seniors and placing my head on the pillow every night knowing I’ve done so today.

Love the company, it’s mission, people, goals and comp plan and GO TO MARKET PLANS. I am with the NFS , National Field Sales Division headed by Melanie Parks formerly (11 years) with AAG. She gets it. Remote NFS LO’s are the name of the game. Local leads, get followed up by local reps, working form their home offices, but, YES, we can jump in our cars and go see borrowers face to face just like old times. Not back to running seminars for seniors any longer as I found they wanted to discuss their personal needs more privately than those breakfast or luncheon seminars provided. Just wanted to give you an update and say Hi, and glad you are doing well.

BTW- loved the article on Virtual team

Mike Johnson

Shannon Hicks August 12, 2022 at 5:43 am

Michael- thanks for checking in with your remote work experience. So glad to see you’re working a strong referral network. You’re spot-on…local, local, local is where we should flex our influence. Keep up the good work!


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