Are you prepared?

Reality is here. How will you deal with it?

Author Morgan Housel who wrote The Psychology of Money describes history as “one damned thing after another. It sure seems that way lately if you watch the news or check your portfolio. 

To put it bluntly, sometimes things are not easy. That’s the essence of life. For our reverse mortgage professionals it’s a loan gained, and another lost. A loan that flies through underwriting and another that’s full of vexing conditions. It’s 4 prospects who truly qualify for a HECM, and 3 that don’t. 

This messy experience called life always presents us the choice as to how we will respond. And those patterns we’ve formed, let’s call them behaviors, become habits. Habits you could say consist of constant repetitive actions that reconfigure your default response or reaction to events. More interesting is recent research from the European Journal of Social Psychology found that it takes on average 66 days of continuous activity to engrain a new habit. Your new behavior becomes automatic.

Other research suggests that the brain requires focused repetition for six months for new behavior to become your default.

This is why psychologist Donald Hebb says neurons that fire together wire together.

So what behaviors, habits, and attitudes have been wired together in your brain? Do you want to create a new way of responding to unpleasant circumstances? If so, this requires training. And training is disciplined repetition that in the end helps us be better prepared for whatever life may throw our way.

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