A Housing Bubble or Cool-Down?

housing bubble or cool-down

The government-sponsored loan that’s ignored

The appeal and eligibility of reverse mortgages for older homeowners are largely driven by home values and interest rates. And there are signs that the housing market may be beginning to falter. First new home sales rose in June and July but that’s only the second increase in the last six months. Second, new home sales have steadily fallen since March with only a modest increase in July. Third, housing inventory began steadily increasing this spring, a trend that’s expected to continue now that the eviction bans have ended. Keep in mind evictions and sales of rental properties will lag several months as landlords step through the arduous eviction process so don’t expect an immediate surge for several months.

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RJChavez September 7, 2021 at 6:44 am

An event? You mean like forebearances coming due and homeowners with no way to pay them? I think we’ll see significant delinquency in the mortgage market which, if it’s large enough, may be the ‘event’ to trigger a crash.


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