Are You a Needle in a Haystack?

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Do you ever feel like you’re the proverbial needle in a haystack when it comes to being found in Google searches? If so you’re not alone.

Most have heard of SEO or search engine optimization. Basically, it’s tweaking your website so your website is more likely to be found in relevant searches. The operative words are more likely which means possible, but with no certainty that you’ll be seen on the first or second page of search results. In fact, a study found 61% of clicks were on the first three organic results.

Without local SEO you’ll be competing in the national SEO rankings race

With 9 out of 10 clicks being on organic results (not paid ad listings) finding a legitimate, non-gimmicky way to get listed is essential to have any hope of attracting older homeowners researching reverse mortgages. But what type of older homeowner? Every homeowner in the U.S.? Or perhaps, attracting older homeowners in your geographical area. Attempting to boost your website to a national audience requires significant sums of money, expertise, and a bonafide national presence. A task only our industry’s largest lenders have mastered. Without focusing on a more specific region you’re unintentionally placing yourself into the national SEO race for reverse mortgage search rankings and have unwittingly become a needle in a haystack of thousands of search results.

So what’s a better approach? The answer is to go local. That is to create content that is specific to the city or cities in your local market. Most looking to get a reverse mortgage will first check to see if there are any local professionals in their area. What they find are typically two things; your competitor or links to one’s LinkedIn profile or senior service directories.

Try this right now. Open up a browser with no previous searches, cache, or cookies (installing a new browser like Firefox or others does the trick). No type in “reverse mortgages your city”. Now scroll down the sponsored ad results and see if you’re listed. If you’re not found click on more results or the next page. If you’re on page 7 of the search results ask “will potential borrowers in my town find me?”. The realistic answer is “most likely not”.

If you find yourself in such a situation we can help. We provide customized geo-centric reverse mortgage landing pages for all cities across the U.S. which get you on the radar for local searches. The results are not immediate or even in one week but over time your ranking will steadily climb putting you where your local homeowners are likely to see you. When a visitor clicks on the search results they are taken to your landing page where they can request a quote, run a quick calculation, contact you directly, or simply do some research on your other pages. Presently the local SEO pages are limited to new or existing customers of our turn-key reverse mortgage website generator MyLoanOfficer. We can answer your questions at

Regardless of how you proceed, getting a localized landing page to increase your search rankings is a significant step to turning your website into a business-generating tool.

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