It’s a Manic Market

The Manic Housing Market & its impact on seniors

Last Tuesday the temperature was a scorching 108 degrees here in Redding California where our studios and offices are located. Do you know what’s hotter than a summer day in Redding? The U.S. housing market.  reports active listings dropped by 50.9% over last year- that’s nearly one-half the number of homes for sale than one year ago. And fewer listings means homes are not staying on the market as long as they once did.   In January of THIS year, the average number of days a home was on the market was 76 days. By the end of last month, that number dropped to 39 days a listing stayed active.

These charts by…

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The Cynic June 7, 2021 at 11:40 am

H4P is not designed to be very competitive in an all cash deal market. For those who do not know it H4P is spraying relatively flat.


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