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Premier Reverse ClosingsWe are social creatures, and the nature of the ‘Net’ has only increased this truth. In one Internet minute we collectively download 47,000 apps, send 204 million emails, log more than two million Internet searches and buy $83,000 worth of Amazon products. How can this digital delirium benefit reverse mortgage professionals?

  1. Know your market. According to a We Are Social future factors report, the global social picture as of mid-2013 shows that despite the foregoing assessment of Internet usage, social networking penetration worldwide stands at just 24%, whereas mobile penetration is an astounding 91%. This means someone in a remote country who may lack even the basic conveniences we take for granted is likely to have and use a mobile phone. How true is this for the senior population you serve?
  2. Build connections, not contacts. Yes, contacts lead to sales. But We Are Social emphasizes that the future equation is People + Portable + Practical. In other words, it’s more important to build communities than platforms, connect with people where they are (at the mall, in the bush…), and add value at every opportunity. While the Bushman might not need a reverse mortgage, you never know who he knows on the other side of the planet that may. Mobile phones are powerful connectors, and all it takes is one text…
  3. Create engagement across multiple devices. We love our phones, our laptops, our tablets, and whatever else is coming down the technology pipeline. How can your business create experiences that drive engagement across multiple channels? What is the best way to reach seniors and/or their key family members in your area? How can you nurture shared interests and build community?
  4. Offer “content tapas”. Brief bites for potential prospects to consume on the go can attract interest even better than detailed brochures or websites. It might be a simple phrase that indicates how your business will serve them: “How to keep Mom financially secure” with your phone number.
  5. Sustain conversations to build social value. Consistent commitment lets your audience know that, like a reverse mortgage, the loan officer they connect with will be there with them for the long haul.
  6. Extend CRM to embrace social media. Customer relations must become an integral aspect of your social strategy. This includes optimizing e-commerce sites to harness social recommendations. People buy from trusted referrals, and increasingly, these testimonials can be found online.
  7. Recognize the value in social sharing. Kin to the above, phenomena such as “Pay with a Tweet” are booming as brands build incentive for social shares. How many more potential prospects can you reach with a positive Facebook post, LinkedIn endorsement or Tweet about your reverse mortgage business, versus traditional marketing/advertising?
  8. Keep it in the family. Use social networking to share and collaborate across your business. Be a company that is social, not simply a brand that does social.


The_Cynic November 5, 2013 at 9:40 am

Great content with some mind provoking but concise examples!!

Amara Rose November 5, 2013 at 12:20 pm

Thanks, the Cynic. My new mantra is application, application, application…

jim November 6, 2013 at 11:17 am

Amara: I found your comments very insightful. The impact of social media is continuing to grow every day. Learning to use social media to ad value vs. merely giving branding information is a process we all must grasp in order to build relationships.

The_Critic November 10, 2013 at 10:40 am


Did you mean “ad value” or “add value?” They have very different meanings.

Amara Rose November 8, 2013 at 7:52 am

Hi Jim,

Thanks for your kind comment! Since you emailed that you are a new RM specialist, I hope our blog will continue to support you as you grow your RM business.


Lorraine Jones November 6, 2018 at 7:20 am

Some people in our profession remain resistant to the power of using social media generally because they are “older” and behind the curve in much of the new technology and how to leverage it for marketing and creating business for themselves. They don’t know where to start and they are overwhelmed about putting it all together and then actually using it.

I have been originating reverse loans for 17 years and for at least the last 14 of them, I have had a blog that I try to post into at a minimum once a week. See here http://reversemortgageconsutlant.com But I should be posting at least two times a week, but I can’t always do it because of my own hectic schedule and I won’t hire someone to write it for me because they won’t be (most likely) experienced in reverse loans and or the lending industry in general. Plus it has to be in my “voice”.

I then make a short video using Lumin5 from some of the content and that goes out to Twitter, my FB business page, LinkedIn and the groups I belong to and Google+. And I also share it on my Reach150 website. I also have an additional website that I am paying for SEO on and it’s linked to my blog and I can share videos on it as well. http://reverseloanmoney.com

But consistency is crucial and even I struggle with getting it all done, but I know that it’s branding me and I do get calls. Not as much as I would like, but I know that ultimately it will increase my flow of business.

I am also beginning to look at utilizing the power of apps for all the hand-carried items, you are correct in that more and more people are using them for not only entertainment but researching and purchases.

So I guess you could say that I am already leveraging the power of the Internet and it’s important that we in our business learn how to utilize it’s power and “get on board”, otherwise you will be left behind.

And by the way, I’m 72.


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