Friday’s Food for Thought: Moving toward action

Reverse Mortgage Lender Tips

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Getting prospective borrowers to act is about motivating them to move forward when a reverse mortgage is in their best interest. Here are just a few tips to help:

Limit their options:

  • Fixed rate or Adjustable?
  • Would you like to receive your proposal by mail or UPS?

Give a deadline:

  • To help us secure the best interest rate for you we would need to schedule HUD counseling by ____

Law of inertia:

  • Secure smaller commitments to move forward with others
  • Would you do me a favor and call me when you receive ____?


  • Spell out clearly the steps they need to take
  • Keep it simple

These tips are adapted from the book “Get anyone to do anything” by David J Lieberman, PhD.

1 comment

Jim Murtha July 8, 2011 at 10:17 am

thanks for the heads up on Mr. Liberman’s book I ordered it today


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