The Bill Eventually Comes Due

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The bill always comes due…

An oversight perhaps? Maybe you were traveling, on vacation, or neck-deep in a new project. Then you open your mail only to find an overdue bill! Ugh! “I always pay my bills on time”, you exclaim. Typically you do.

The point is we all have moments of inattention, distraction, or procrastination that led to the inevitable day when the bill comes due. Perhaps a good new year’s resolution is to pay all of our ‘bills’ on time.

Here are several examples of what will certainly result in a delayed, yet more costly, past-due bill arriving at your doorstep.

  1. Missing scheduled times for outgoing sales calls.
  2. Delayed follow-ups with new applicants.
  3. Postponing required continuing education.
  4. Taking an incomplete application.
  5. Unresolved conflicts with family members, friends, or colleagues.
  6. Not diversifying your sources of HECM loans between new first-time borrowers, refinances of existing HECM loans, and forging new professional referral partnerships.
  7. Letting loan conditions ‘fester’ for days, weeks, or months.
  8. Not tracking your sales activities with a CRM, such as SalesEngine.
  9. Ignoring the importance of having a professional website presence to establish credibility for potential borrowers and their family members or advisors.
  10. Missing out on simple steps to help attract more local homeowners searching for local reverse mortgage professionals to your website.
  11. Not having a plan for each day.
  12. Putting off practical steps to establish yourself as the local expert on all things reverse mortgage.
  13. Forgetting to say ‘thank you’ to your clients, professional network, and others who’ve helped you.
  14. Treating time as if it’s an infinite commodity.
  15. Ignoring remote meeting technologies such as Zoom, Skype, and Loom to increase your effectiveness in reaching older homeowners.

Reviewing this list let us resolve to have fewer overdue bills and a more profitable and productive new year. Cheers to you and your continued success!

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