When Men Find Themselves Suddenly Solo

In Part 1 of Later Life Discoveries we focused on women, and the finding that older women are often reluctant to speak up or make even small, positive changes, fearing to rock the boat or be taken advantage of financially.

A new site devoted to older men delves into a subject also rarely discussed until now: how to navigate later life alone due to divorce or, more likely, the death of a spouse. What makes the information most compelling is the voice of Suddenly Solo, which belongs to 86-years-young widower Hal Spielman, co-author of a new book by the same title.

Reverse Mortgages And Senior MenA sociologist by training and former founding partner of a global communication research firm, Spielman is well qualified to create “A Lifestyle Road Map for the Mature Widowed or Divorced Man,” who is attempting to navigate this challenging passage without the partner he’d expected to be by his side. Suddenly Solo provides “a positive sense of renewal, as well as…valuable advice on how to move forward into this next chapter of their lives.”

For reverse mortgage professionals, it pays to be informed about what this life adjustment entails so you can better understand the ramifications prospects may face when applying for a HECM, or once they’re aging in place in their HECM-supported home. As the website states, Spielman and his co-author decided to write the book when, as Spielman was readjusting to life following his wife’s passing, they both realized “there was a profound lack of ‘how-to’ information for mature men who found themselves in similar situations.”

The site covers everything from solo living, to sex and relationships, to “hot topics” and an “Ask Hal” column, featuring the site founder in the role of a highly informative, supportive and wise masculine version of Dear Abby. And while the site does address possible relocation or downsizing once you’re suddenly solo, as far as we know there hasn’t (yet) been mention of a reverse mortgage. Readers? Suddenly Solo is ripe for your educational commentary.


James E. Veale, CPA, MBT July 16, 2013 at 8:38 am

Truly helpful information.

Single male seniors have been the most difficult group for our industry to reach. While the industry started with less than one-third of all borrowers (including approximately half of all multiple borrowers), today it is slightly over 40% which is closer to the ratio of senior males to senior females.

It is helpful to get insight into this group of seniors. The more we understand the differential needs of this group, the more effective we will be in addressing those of them we can help through a reverse mortgage.

Ms. Rose, thanks for the “heads up.”

Amara Rose July 16, 2013 at 10:09 am

James, or Mr Veale if you prefer ~

It is an honor to receive kudos from you. I hope you’ll visit the Suddenly Solo site and post some of your encyclopedic reverse mortgage knowledge in response to their reader inquiries.



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