What is Reverse Mortgage University?

Reverse Mortgage University is the foundation on which I have built my successful Reverse Mortgage company. The foundational building blocks on which I have built my business are universal and can work for anyone who wants to be a successful Reverse Mortgage Loan Originator.

We have developed systems which are time-tested and proven to help you get more reverse mortgage leads and turn those leads into reverse mortgage sales. The different modules of Reverse Mortgage University include Reverse Mortgage Knowledge, Reverse Mortgage Skill Sets, Reverse Mortgage Marketing, Reverse Mortgage Operational Systems, and Reverse Mortgage Leadership. You also get access to powerful tools such as our Reverse Mortgage CRM RmCRM, Reverse Mortgage Websites, Reverse Mortgage Marketing Strategies and Reverse Mortgage Leads Central, to name just a few. This is a comprehensive and ever-evolving platform.

We at ReverseFortunes.com hope we can be part of your growth and expansion in this ever growing, and exciting Reverse Mortgage Market.

Best regards,

Eric A. Hiatt

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