S1L releases stock plan for loan officers

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Contact: Torrey Larsen
Security One Lending Releases Stock Plan for Loan Officers

San Diego, CA—Security One Lending Loan Originators will have the opportunity to earn tracking stock based upon their individual productivity over the next 5 years. The President‟s Club creates a significant opportunity for qualified originators based on their effort in building a unique Retail Business within Security One Lending. The plan begins May 1, 2012, and those participating early will have the greatest opportunity to earn the largest share of this distribution.

“S1L has been working on this structure for quite some time, and we feel strongly that this plan will alter the competitive landscape for the top originators in the Reverse Mortgage industry”, stated Torrey Larsen, President of Security One Lending. “The structure and opportunity is compelling, and no other firm has offered a similar structure to their group of Originators in such a dynamic and exclusive manner. We simply wanted to shift the mindset of the origination force from „renters‟ of a company to „owners‟ of a company.”
“We believe this new structure is a game changer for the industry,” explained Tyler Larsen, CFO of Security One Lending. “We have added both warehousing capacity and staffing support to fulfill this strategic growth plan. Many Originators are looking for a long term home, and we wanted to demonstrate our commitment to them and this industry in a meaningful way.”
Qualifying Loan Officers will earn the first 10% of this business from May 15, 2012 to July 30 of 2013. Originators employed now or who join the company early have the largest window of opportunity to earn the most stock within the President‟s Club plan.

To learn more about S1L, click S1Lemployment.com

Security One Lending operates coast-to-coast, currently lending 39 States with license applications pending in 4 additional states. The firm offers a diversified mix of reverse and forward products through a variety of distribution channels, including retail, consumer direct and wholesale to support its lending efforts. Security One Lending is a FNMA Approved Seller/Servicer based in San Diego, CA.
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Larry Armstrong June 13, 2012 at 8:28 am

Very disappointed in comment that MetLife RMCs relied on strong relationships w/ML Financial Advisors… We were prohibited (can you say “Firewall”) from contact with ML FPs. Better research helps credability…LDA


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