Who’s in charge here?

Rigorous habits for a successful life

Seneca said, “The body should be treated more rigorously that it may not be disobedient to the mind.”

As I get older that’s definitely my mission so I can hopefully be here for my wife, children, and grandchildren for many years to come.  Is our mind in charge of our body, our actions, and how we interact with others? What about how we work? How we work in a challenging market will be determined by the habits we’ve formed when things were good.

As salespeople and reverse mortgage professionals it’s easy to coast when we have a full pipeline and loans are funding. The danger of coasting is we lose the muscle memory of good disciplined sales habits that will bear us through the tough times.

Speaking of muscle memory, how many outbound sales calls do you make in a day, a week, or month? Are you time-blocking your sales activities? Are you capturing all of your potential borrower’s information in a CRM, like Reverse Focus’ Sales Engine, so you can capture, nurture and close more loans?

The good news is if we develop good habits and practices in hard times we will be stronger. Your hardships will build confidence because you’ve been there and done that. Then you’ll know who’s in charge.

Keep the faith, embrace the reality of a changing market, and work like you’re the third lion trying to get on the Ark.


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