Homeowner’s may shelter in place again- How you can prepare

The country may be reopening but seniors may shelter in place again. How can you prepare yourself and your business

Being the most vulnerable demographic older Americans are rightly concerned of such forecasts and consequently may choose to return to the relative safety of their homes. Older homeowners may find themselves unable to work from home.

All which means whether a second wave emerges or not now is the time to retool our means of engaging potential borrowers. Mike Floth, president of this show’s sister company Reverse Focus said in a recent interview


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The Cynic June 15, 2020 at 5:31 am

Thanks for reminding us of Mike’s very compelling presentation in the RMD article It is also great to hear the view of an originator as to an app that makes the reverse mortgage presentation easier for seniors to understand and one that the seniors can repeat on their own. I found Snip and Sketch to be useful as well.

Unfortunately many of us feel that the 2nd wave has mildly started with over 20 states reporting increases in new cases according to information on several news shows yesterday. However, this is not the increases we saw in the first wave or perhaps, not yet.

The call to be prepared should not go unheeded. The protests and lack of use of face masks overall have added to what many in the medical community believe could easily result in the resurgence of COVID-19, during the latter part of this month and in early July.

Here’s hoping that the comments of a cynic are truly overaly pessimistic.


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