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The Positive Realist October 1, 2021 at 8:25 pm

During this FHA fiscal year (the twelve month period ended 9/30/2021), HUD endorsed 49,207 HECMs. At no time during the fiscal years 2006 through 2015 (a full decade), was the total HECM endorsement count lower than 51,642 (the endorsed HECM count for fiscal 2014).

The total for this fiscal year was the second highest in the last six fiscal years with fiscal 2017 having 55,292. Fiscal 2018 had 848 fewer endorsed HECMs than this last fiscal year and fiscal 2016 had 305 fewer endorsed HECMs also than this last fiscal year. So in the last sixteen fiscal years, the total HECM endorsement count for fiscal 2021comes in at number 12.

There has been much anecdotal talk about the industry reaching 65,000 endorsed HECMs for this calendar year since an industry leader made that prediction about two months ago but since the total endorsed HECM count for the first nine months of calendar 2021 only totals 37,814, where are the additional 27,186 HECM endorsements going to come from in this and the following two months? The Ultra Optimists in this industry do not cease to amaze. I am hard pressed to see how total 2021 calendar year endorsed HECMs will reach 53,000.


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