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Meet our Next CFPB Director

Shannon Hicks
 Without audience targeting are Google Ads Dead? Think again… Early this month Google announced new restrictions for targeting specific audiences. The restrictions apply to content related to housing, employment, credit, and those who are disproportionately affected by societal biases. The news of these restrictions created quite a stir among

The Trump Era & The HECM

Shannon Hicks
Good News for HECM, Not So Much for Housing Programs President Donald trump embodies the essence of a political wrecking ball in Washington D.C.- a city known to cling tightly to political traditions of governing and supporting long-standing social programs, despite our ballooning deficits. While the President weathers opposition from

Reverse Mortgage News Roundup

Shannon Hicks
This Week’s Top Reverse Mortgage Stories 1- CFPB Complaints on the Rise- The CFPB has been busy collecting consumer complaints. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau reports an increase of 172% increase in reverse mortgage-related complaints since 2012. One could guess that much of this is due to increased consumer awareness of

Compliance: CFPB Levies Penalties on HECM Lenders

Shannon Hicks
Recent CFPB actions highlight the importance of compliant advertising and sales practices Since the founding of the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) in 2011, lenders have found themselves navigating the ever-changing waters of regulatory compliance. Reverse mortgage lenders  have recently felt the impact of the agency with three lenders paying

7 Questions We All Should Be Asking

Shannon Hicks
In the interest of best serving the needs of the borrower and protecting ourselves against future legal claims, each of us should reexamine the questions should be asking each potential borrower...

Protecting Seniors From Financial Fraud

Amara Rose
With the rollout of the Affordable Care Act, it's especially important to be aware of schemes to defraud seniors of their savings, which are sometimes cloaked as medical assistance. Scam artists have become more creative: seniors may receive mailings for "medical treatments" that appear to be endorsed by actual physicians.

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