The Source of All HECM Endorsements

Shannon Hicks
 The leading indicator of HECM loan volume Which came first the chicken or the egg? There’s no number that reverse mortgage lenders and originators track more closely than our monthly endorsement totals. That is, the number of federally-insured reverse mortgages that are formally ‘insured’. In fact, our monthly Top

Despite Challenges This Was the Best HECM Decade

Shannon Hicks
A long-term perspective of HECM endorsement volume Our collective experience as reverse mortgage professionals shapes our perspective. Much of that perspective in recent years was influenced by falling endorsement volumes.  The reverse mortgage industry posted a record 114,000 endorsements in 2009 just as the housing and economic crash began in

Do We Have It All Wrong?

Shannon Hicks
There’s a Silver Lining in HECM Endorsements That is Overlooked The chorus of dismay from reverse mortgage professionals lamenting declining reverse mortgage loan numbers began after the Great Recession and continues through today. Consequently, a sense of frustration and futility has set in for some who believe our industry was

Remaining Lenders Grow: August 2011 Top 100 HECM Lenders Report

Shannon Hicks
Download the August 2011 Top 100 HECM Lenders Report here. Big Names disappear, survivors grow It’s strange to no longer see the familiar name of Bank of America on the top lenders report. Wells Fargo remains because endorsements usually trail applications by 3-4 months so soon they will fade from

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