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The Source of All HECM Endorsements

Shannon Hicks
 The leading indicator of HECM loan volume Which came first the chicken or the egg? There’s no number that reverse mortgage lenders and originators track more closely than our monthly endorsement totals. That is, the number of federally-insured reverse mortgages that are formally ‘insured’. In fact, our monthly Top

2018: A tumultuous year for the reverse mortgage

Shannon Hicks
As we closed out a tumultuous 2018 reverse mortgage professionals were not anticipating a blockbuster month for HECM endorsements. However, many were taken aback when December endorsements came in at a meager 1,751 units. Even factoring in the government shutdown which halted endorsements on December 21st, estimates would have only

Government Shutdown, Endorsement Plunge & Outlook

Shannon Hicks
 Thinking Big in a Smaller Market The bickering continues in Washington DC resulting from the budget stalemate and subsequent limited government shutdown. Veteran originators will recall a 16-day shutdown in October 2013.  During this time endorsements of all Home Equity Conversion Mortgages cease. All FHA mortgages stand to be impacted

Why credit scores would do little to reduce HECM losses

Shannon Hicks
If there’s one number American consumer’s doggedly pursue it is their credit score- the magic number that determines one’s ability to incur debt and at what cost. Traditional mortgage borrowers know that their credit score is pivotal in determining what interest rate they will pay on their home mortgage. Recently,

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