Home Equity

Wealth disparity and home equity

Shannon Hicks
 Wealth inequality, economic chaos & the role of home equity Wealth and income inequality. Pulling back from the distasteful political debates that continue to rage on about the haves and have nots it is a clear and present reality. The Pew Research Center made these startling findings. “The wealth

Retirement planning requires a solution-based approach

Shannon Hicks
“It’s ironic that the biggest source of wealth is locked up in bricks & mortar…” While more financial professionals are embracing the HECM, ironically our cousins across the pond seem to better grasp the concept of home equity management and its role in funding retirement. Is today’s choice of retirement

Now or Later? That is the Question

Shannon Hicks
[vimeo id=”163869307″ width=”625″ height=”352″] The Cost of Waiting & Hedging Against Falling Home Values Perhaps it is laughable to some to even consider hedging against falling home values. After all homes across the nation have appreciated nearly to their pre-housing crash levels. How quickly many homeowners forget the harsh lesson

Haven’t We Learned?

Shannon Hicks
The Wall Street Journal recently reported that more homeowners are once again tapping into their home equity. As home values recover and interest rates remain artificially low many are beginning to take out HELOCs or Home Equity Lines of Credit to fund home renovations, pay off higher interest rate debts

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