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HECM Changes: Two risks remain

Shannon Hicks
 The HECM’s philosophy shapes risk management measures & future reforms Few are asking an underlying question that will shape every effort to curb future losses or HECM claims against the Federal Housing Administration’s Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund. That question is if the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage is a true

BREAKING- HECM Report: Losses & Future Impact

Shannon Hicks
New Report Separates & Exposes HECM Liabilities HUD’s most recent actuarial review and net value of the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage sent shockwaves through the reverse mortgage industry last week. **Listen to this week’s podcast for the latest reverse mortgage news stories** The 2017 Fiscal Year actuarial review of the

HECM Challenges: Less Money-Higher Costs?

Shannon Hicks
The good & the bad from recent HECM changes Sudden industry product changes are always coupled with challenges. Reverse mortgage professionals are seeing first-hand the impacts that HUD’s October surprise will have on borrowers seeking to refinance and payoff their mortgage and those seeking to purchase a home with a

HECM Changes & Impacts on Line of Credit Growth

Shannon Hicks
HECM ‘line of credit’ growth still beneficial but more realistic Recent changes to the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage enacted on October 2nd have reduced the ongoing FHA insurance premium substantially and led to many lenders reducing their loan margins to soften the blow of reducing lending ratios or PLF factors.

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