Is the Battle Over?

Shannon Hicks
Is the battle over? HUD’s recent change to non borrowing spouse policy for Home Equity Conversion Mortgages is lauded by consumer advocates. June 12th may mark the end of the long fought battle between the Department of Housing and Urban Development, displaced borrowers and consumer advocacy groups.

Parsing Words

Shannon Hicks
As industry watchdog and consumer advocate Atare Agbamu puts it “Fourteen words”. At the heart of the non-borrowing spouse debate and subsequent lawsuits brought agains HUD are fourteen words found in the original regulations of the HECM program as part of the National Housing Act in subsection J entitled “Safeguard

Non-Borrowing Spouse Pitfalls?

Shannon Hicks
Non-Borrowing Spouse Pitfalls. As with any new policy often more questions arise than answers. HUD’s recent Non-Borrowing Spouse policy is no exception to this rule. While benefiting younger spouses with the peace of mind of being able to remain in the home after the death of their spouse what pitfalls

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