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The Future of Aging Well

Amara Rose
There is the matter of how societal expectations affect where older adults live, which makes the changing senior living landscape a bright field for the reverse mortgage industry. As we're exploring, the desire to age in place is expanding into ever more creative ways to age in community, which may

On the Move — or Not

Amara Rose
In 2015, retirees are fully embracing the old fast food commercial to "Have it your way" when it comes to how and where they're choosing to retire. Many still opt to stay put, and renovate their homes to suit their changing needs. But there's a twist: they're not downsizing or

How to Invent Retirement

Amara Rose
With the burgeoning Maker movement, co-work spaces and crowdfunding platforms, possibilities exist to encourage and support older inventors that weren't available even a decade ago. And the seniors themselves are an evolving lot: more educated, active, mobile and connected than previous generations.

Got Wisdom? Pass It On! A Global Exchange for Positive Aging

Amara Rose
Everywhere, the time is ripe for elders to step up and change the culture of aging worldwide, guiding the shift from a needs-based, consumer society to a collaborative society, an intergenerational society in which people throughout life have responsibilities to share their strength to help themselves, to help each other

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