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Away from Home Part 1: 6 Senior-Savvy Travel Tips

Amara Rose
Smart Ways for Your Senior Clients to Travel Safely As a follow-up to our 4-part Safe At Home series, it makes sense to explore smart ways for seniors (or anyone, of any age) to be safe away from home — even if that’s just a trip to the grocery store

Summer Special: Delicious Days Ahead!

Amara Rose
Here are a few creative ways for reverse mortgage professionals to celebrate with seniors all year long: unusual monthly holidays that, with a little ingenuity, could be customized as ongoing marketing events.

What Do You Believe?

Shannon Hicks
Our internal beliefs can go largely unnoticed except when evidenced by our actions or outcomes. Even more so our beliefs determine our level of happiness, something we all want more of in our lives. Our personal and professional lives often deal us multiple blows often all at once.

Every Problem Once was a Solution

Shannon Hicks
[vimeo id=”90920562″ width=”625″ height=”352″] What once worked may be problematic today Oddly our topic that every problem once was a solution reminds me of the now extinct standard fixed rate HECM. It was a solution to borrowers seeking maximum funds or a guaranteed interest rate which became a problem loan

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