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Away from Home Part 1: 6 Senior-Savvy Travel Tips

Amara Rose
Smart Ways for Your Senior Clients to Travel Safely As a follow-up to our 4-part Safe At Home series, it makes sense to explore smart ways for seniors (or anyone, of any age) to be safe away from home — even if that’s just a trip to the grocery store

The New Longevity (Part 1): Gender Roles and Work

Amara Rose
While women have always earned less than men for comparable work, senior women experience sexism just as much if not more than their youthful counterparts — and a longer lifespan doesn't balance this equation.

How to Be a Top Resolver

Amara Rose
[ad#Take Charge America] New Year’s resolutions can be boring when they’re all about you: perhaps that’s why people seldom stick with them after the initial momentum wears off. Making resolutions that involve your business, however, is another story. Here are six ways to be a top “resolver” for your prospects,

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