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The Law of Reciprocity

Shannon Hicks
[vimeo id=”84356993″ width=”625″ height=”352″] The Powerful Yet Unspoken Rule for Human Interaction [ad#Lead Central 2014] Reciprocity. The unspoken rule that we should repay in kind what another person has done for us. It’s one of our most powerful tools in sales or influencing others. Does it work? Here’s one example.

What Are You Thankful For?

Shannon Hicks
Gratitude Opens Doors [vimeo id=”80517936″ width=”625″ height=”352″] What We Can Be Grateful For In The Reverse Mortgage Industry Now that we’ve eaten our last bites of Thanksgiving turkey and pumpkin pie it’s a good time to reflect on gratitude. The essence of yesterday’s holiday. But first I want to personally

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