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Keeping Our Promises

Shannon Hicks
As loan professionals we often find ourselves not competing just on fees, pricing and interest rates but on service. All things being equal to your prospective borrower it’s not only the promises you make, but keep that can determine if you get the loan or lose it to your competition.

Mortgage Cadence Announces the Release of prime+ 12.1

Shannon Hicks
The release of prime+ 12.1, which will be installed for all Prime Alliance customers on August 21, 2012. prime+ 12.1 is the latest releaseprime+ 12.1 benefits the entire mortgage team. The idea is simple: automate notifications throughout the mortgage process that prompt action and alert team members and borrowers to

Mortgage Cadence Acquires Prime Alliance Solutions

Shannon Hicks
News Release: Mortgage Cadence Acquires Prime Alliance Solutions, Inc. Combining Forces to Provide the Single Best Customer Experience for Lenders and Consumers June 20, 2012 ˆ Mortgage Cadence, LLC, a leading provider of Enterprise Lending Solutions (ELS), Document Services, Compliance and Default Servicing Technology for the financial services industry, has

A dog with fleas? – When some loans may become a resource drain

Shannon Hicks
[ad#Kirchmeyer] [vimeo id=”31617803″ width=”601″ height=”338″] Are you functioning at your best when it comes to the type of loans you attract? Time & effort versus profitability What loans are you attracting (examine) Do you need to market to higher valued homes? What can you do to close your loans more

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