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Just How Far?

Shannon Hicks
Having conducted over one hundred training sessions with fellow reverse mortgage professionals a common question is raised. Just how far should I go in following up with a potential borrower? Unfortunately many stop after one attempted phone call or if the prospect shows any signs of disinterest. This is tragic

The New Longevity (Part 2): Turning Back The Hands of Time?

Amara Rose
In the interim, the upcoming generation of reverse mortgage prospects is reinventing the concept of how and when to die. Just as Boomers have reinvented retirement from a time of withdrawal and relaxation to one of encore careers, they are reclaiming death from fear, pain, and suffering to a time

The New Longevity (Part 1): Gender Roles and Work

Amara Rose
While women have always earned less than men for comparable work, senior women experience sexism just as much if not more than their youthful counterparts — and a longer lifespan doesn't balance this equation.

Millennial Marketing: The Twelve Apostolates

Amara Rose
While you probably care more about your business success in the next ten or twenty years than in the next two millennia, there's still a "gospel truth" about sales that will ensure your business name will be remembered, now and in the future.

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