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Are you in The Resistance?

The Resistance was a term popularized during World War II. It described movements engaged in an organized effort to oppose an occupying force through varying means. Reverse mortgage professionals, while certainly not at war, find themselves pushing against the larger forces of tradition, media misinformation, and long-held myths.

What are the attributes of ‘The Resistance’? They are…

  • against the status quo
  • against media myths and misinformation
  • against ineffective traditions
  • against unethical and exaggerated sales techniques

However, the best resistance operators are also skilled persuaders. These skilled professionals…

  • Build alliances…often making unlikely allies
  • Build bridges…with their community and business professionals
  • Persuade other professionals with facts, stories, and narrative examples of how reverse mortgages can improve the lives of older homeowners
  • Are creative. They employ numerous techniques to approach a complex problem
  • Are multi-lingual. They learn the common terminology of the professionals they work with to better understand and respond to the needs of the homeowner

In part, American military planners have learned that mere bombs don’t win hearts and minds. Instead, advance teams of special operators are sent to work with existing opposition leaders and groups to build rapport, respect, and cooperation. They’ve learned the lesson that the truest force-multiplier is cooperation.

Yet resistance movements do fade away once their primary objectives have been accomplished. This period is often followed by integration into the larger norms of government and society where they become interest groups, in effect taking their seat at the table.

Factually there’s no question of the legitimacy of reverse mortgages. Yet today, originators, brokers, and lenders alike recognize the need to counter the forces of misinformation and fear while building strategic alliances. That is the role of the dual role of ‘The Resistance’.

Viva La Résistance!



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Marsha Kaye March 9, 2021 at 7:13 am

Great analysis


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