Your Voicemail: What Message Are You Sending?


Your Voicemail Message Speaks Volumes

reverse mortgage newsYour voicemail. When is the last time you’ve listened to your own message, menu options, and more? John speaks about the common voicemail sins that many HECM professionals can slip into.

About John Luddy: John has trained reverse mortgage professionals how to be successful when sitting face-to-face at the kitchen table with prospective HECM borrowers. Norcom is looking for qualified loan officer candidates. To learn more call 1-860-507-2582 or email John Luddy here

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Michele Bledsoe May 25, 2017 at 7:36 am

I absolutely agree, 100%! If I am calling a professional that uses their cell phone for business, I am appalled when their voicemail is full or when they just have the number you called as the recording. Another pet peeve of mine is a professional that uses their cell phone for business and they just say their name. Say what you do, who you work for! I don’t want to call a professional back on the number they left (for business purposes) and feel like I’m being rude calling their personal number.
Very good advice John!


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