The Windshield Panic


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The year was 1954- long before rumors could catch fire on social media or the internet. That year residents began reporting strange pitting in their windshield. Soon, thousands across the greater Seattle area were reporting seeing these strange pits in their windshields. Our attitude is the windshield through which we view the world but it must be periodically cleaned.

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The_Cynic July 9, 2017 at 1:18 pm

Not that many years ago while in Wyoming, our windshield was hit by a rather large rock traveling in the opposite direction a little slower than our car was moving. The bang sent shivers done my spine. There was a small crack.

We saw Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, and the great town of Jackson Hole. It was interesting and my kids saw everything from elk nosing on our car windows and sliding down a steep incline, to buffalo grazing next to our car. While I trembled they even ran with elk for a few thousand feet. What we did not see was the growth in that crack.

We were lucky that small crack did not end up ruining our vacation. So sometimes we need to pay attention to those cracks that develop and grow.

That story is much like the pattern of endorsement stagnation that has grown over the last five years. Rather than seeing it for what it was, a growing crack, we blamed stagnation on everything from lower principal limits to financial assessment. Yet for some reason we see endorsement growth this year that is part of the pattern of hills and valleys this stagnation has resulted in..

Will the “endorsement” crack be fixed before the end of fiscal 2018 (i.e., by the end of next fiscal year)? Those who say “yes” or “no” cannot both be right. For now fiscal 2018 is too far into the future for anyone to be all that sure. Hopefully by the time of the NRMLA Conference in San Francisco late fall we have a handle on that crack to see if stagnation continues or the windshield has finally been replaced.


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