What if they’re wrong?

When common knowledge & the status quo are wrong

History is replete with examples of when commonly accepted wisdom was flat out wrong. Remember the doctors who treated an ailing President George Washington with bloodletting- so much so that they hastened his demise?  What about the use of home equity or reverse mortgages?

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The Positive Realist August 23, 2019 at 11:30 am

The answer is yes. Yet it is the degree to which conventional thinking is wrong that is at issue.

For example, near the beginning of the last century, most of those who called them Christians in this country denied that the theory of evolution had any validity. Today, most Christians still deny the evolutionary theory in whole but not the change within various groups of living things. In other words, animals like mules are easily bred today as are specific breeds of dogs and other animals. Now one type of plant is commonly grafted into another creating a third type of plant. So were Christians wrong at the Scoops Trial? Yes, in part they were.

Look at that difficult topic called climate change. Those who have blamed the whole situation on man miss the point that there have been dramatic changes in the climate of this planet long before any measurable contributor can be identified as “man.” However, it is clear that man in the last century has added considerably to the mess we call climate change. So while right now not all negative climate change can be reversed, at least a significant portion of it can be and needs to be. The current concern about affording it seems trite. The wealthier nations of the world need to come together to find a way of affording an effective plan to curtail the situation while also reducing the impact of the current problem. The main enemy to this problem is time!!!


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