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Consider these points during your next sales presentation


Is your use of mortgage terminology turning off potential borrowers? Are you reading the body language of your prospect? Here are some amazing tips to help…

About John Luddy: John has trained reverse mortgage professionals how to be successful when sitting face-to-face at the kitchen table with prospective HECM borrowers. Norcom is looking for qualified loan officer candidates. To learn more call 1-860-507-2582 or email John Luddy here

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John A. Smaldone August 2, 2018 at 6:32 am


Good points you brought up for everyone. We in the industry have a tenancy to fall into a trap very easily at times.

We forget a good share of our senior clients sitting in front of us are confused enough about a reverse mortgage. We can make it more confusing to them by not taking the time and patients with them. As you say, we must choose our words wisely and in a way a layman can understand!

Another point I would like to ad to what you pointed out so well and that is to ask questions, many questions. Find out what their true needs are!

Also, once you ask your questions, listen carefully to your clients answers to your questions. By doing this, you will now be in a better position to fit them into a plan that will work for them!

Job well done Mr. Luddy!

John Smaldone


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